Optional endings

  • .hu
    .hu 9.27$/year
  • .com
    .com 13.53$/year
  • .net
    .net 13.53$/year
  • .eu
    .eu 13.53$/year
  • .org
    .org 13.53$/year
  • .biz
    .biz 13.53$/year
  • .info
    .info 13.53$/year
  • .ro
    .ro 34.83$/year
  • .at
    .at 29.50$/year

Choose the most appropriate ending

Order a domain name for your storage space, online, simply, without paper-based administration! Use your popular international domain name of .hu or even (for example .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info) within 24 hours – if it is not registered yet!

Click on the button below and use our search engine to check whether the domain you want to register is free. If it is free, you can order it right now!

How long does it take to register?

In case of domains of .hu, the previous 14-day lead time has already been abolished, the domains you want to register can be used conditionally within 24 hours. However, the final delegation of the domain will take place within 1-2 days after putting into use if no complaint is received (for example, a complaint may be received from an injured legal owner). If the domain is registered with conditional use, we will notify you via email.

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Do you have no web storage space to use the domain?

transfer of owner for domain of .hu

From 1 April 2018, the Hungarian Domain Registry (ISZT) will charge a fee for the transfer of owner, amounting to 1.500 HUF + VAT / occasion. The fee for the transfer must be paid separately at the same time when ordering a transfer and in case of transfer of owner.

Hungarian ending

There are currently over 680,000 domains of .hu in Hungary and this number is constantly increasing. This means, among other things, that your competitor may have already booked the best names and could have a significant advantage. It is worth registering your domain idea even if you plan to use it in the future.

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